Made for members

“I work in the sales team over at City and my main role is to show people our club and help them get started with us.

Of course, the club itself is beautiful and a lot of people know of us through reputation but the Carver is a huge addition, for me personally, with this process!

It seems a very very high percentage of people I meet day in and day out will Ski or Snowboard. The confusion and shock on their face when I show them the Carvers we have is incredible. Most of them just laugh as if they don’t believe it’s real. Those that frequent the slopes will often ask me how it feels in comparison and what they can do on it etc. I have a baseline knowledge due to our time together which helps me explain the carving movement, the muscles which work and the benefits of altitude for them who are prepping to hit the mountains.

Not as often, but I would say at least 1 or 2 people a week I meet have thought about going away for Ski/Snowboard but just haven’t and I think the Carver reminds them of this. A great selling point, from my point of view, as they can actually learn the techniques before going into the mountains and needing to know everything straight away.

For me personally, I work the Carver into every single tour, it has a huge wow factor and numerous benefits that I go through with my prospect. Whether it’s a bad knee, bad back or they just hate cardio this helps me with every single person.

Just want to thank you for bringing this out and into our Club, although, it will be sad day for me when I can no longer tell people we have the only 2 in the world!”

Jason Maduro, Membership Consultant
Third Space – City