“The workouts are tough but super fun”


The Carver is an outstanding piece of fitness equipment. I use the machine regularly to obtain a wide variety of fitness benefits for my personal training clients and other health club members.- — Dr Alex De Lyon, Personal Trainer at Third Space
I decided to take up training on the Carver machine to improve my skiing technique. It’s not only great for technique training but also improves your posture, strength and cardio!- — Amy M, Third Space Member
Besides improving my ski technique, it delivers a huge cardio workout.- — Chloe Beeney, Carver user
I LOVE this piece of kit! I’ve been training on the Carver for over 3 months now and each time I step onto it I can see a huge improvement in my technique.- Eve, Personal Trainer
Whenever I want to mix up my usual weights training with something fun, I jump on the Carver. It challenges me to do something different.- Amy Kerr, Personal Trainer at Third Space
What’s so special about the WOODWAY Carver?

The Carver combines cardiovascular and strength training into a unique, low impact, interactive and highly motivational experience. Automatic programmes can be customised to deliver a challenging workout for any level of fitness

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The WOODWAY Carver brings the fun and thrill of skiing and snowboarding down from the slopes and into the gym. The Carver experience can burn up to 350 calories in a single 20-minute session.


Premier treadmill producer, WOODWAY USA manufacture the Carver using a three-way combination of high quality US engineering, UK software development, and the vision of former Great Britain Olympic skier Tim Dudgeon


20 minute HIIT Carving sessions for individuals and groups are already running and proving to be very popular at Third Space City


Woodway Carver featured in BASI (British Association of Snowsport Instructors) magazine.
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— update 4/2019 —

APRIL 2019: Carver video exceeds 1.6M views on Facebook

Thank you to the AOL “In the Know” team for their video coverage of the WOODWAY Carver on their Innovation channel.

WOODWAY Carver on “In the Know”

“MH Game Changers: Woodway Carver”

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