Improve ski technique & fitness

I decided to take up training on the Carver machine to improve my skiing technique.

It’s not only great for technique training but also improves your posture, strength and cardio! The difficulty is also increased by training in an altitude chamber at nearly 3,000m!

This has also improved my skills in other sports…on a weekly basis I figure skate and I’ve noticed a huge improvement in my posture and strength on the ice.

I will be continuing my training on the Carver machine and highly recommend it to anyone at any ability, even if you’re not going skiing. It’s overall a great way to keep fit!

After her ski trip…

“The Carver has also been amazing training for skiing! I started my training in October 2018 and went on a ski trip in March 2019. It was my third time skiing and I noticed a huge difference.

Obviously being on snow and in varied weather conditions is completely different than training in a gym however, the Carver has helped with building up the right muscles, strength, balance and positioning myself correctly on skis!

I would highly recommend this training to anyone at any level of fitness!”

Amy M,
Third Space member