Stephanie’s testimonial

The Woodway Carver is an incredible fitness machine with an extensive list of benefits. Primarily the application it has towards improving ski fitness and techniques is invaluable. It is the first machine that I have experienced which truly replicates the movement of skiing and snowboarding. Whether you are an experienced skier/snowboarder or a complete novice – you will benefit hugely from implementing this machine into your training routines. It provides the unique offering of mimicking the lateral movements of the lower limbs whilst maintaining strength in the core and upper body posture. Skiing is a unique and highly demanding sport so to have this machine is awesome. On a personal level, I have been able to develop the strength and mobility in my ankles from past injuries which has had an incredible effect on not just my skiing performance but also my running and overall fitness pursuits!

The Carver, however, is not just for skiers. The physical movements it allows and demands of any user can benefit all sporting and fitness pursuits. You have the ability to work on muscular strength and endurance, cardiovascular and respiratory systems, agility with stability, plus balance and coordination. It is also an extremely fun and interactive machine where you can choose from a number of in built programmes to train alongside.

Lastly, it can serve anyone who is requiring prehab and rehab. The safety of the set up allows for anyone returning from injury to start moving safely and effectively. It provides the ability to strengthen imbalances from left to right, the muscles, tendons and ligaments for the stability and mobility of the hip, knee and ankle joints with all the planes of movement patterns. This accessibility to training in turn builds up an individual’s confidence once they return through building strong foundations.

As a ski instructor and personal trainer, I have been able to apply my knowledge and experience to training others. It has been a privilege to have the access to such a machine. I have been able to coach clients how to ski, improve upon techniques, prepare for their winter holiday and work on overall fitness goals and needs. This machine provides such insight towards an individual’s needs with providing a truly personal and beneficial experience.

Stephanie Blaise
International ski coach and personal trainer